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Learn New Words From Wizard Within’s Grammar Witch

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What is “humongous”?

 It means very, very BIG!

It’s not a formal word, but it’s a fun word to use in everyday language.




Here are some other words that mean very BIG:

enormous, massive, jumbo, tremendous, hulking, voluminous 

Can you think of any more?

***Bonus point*** 

Hide from the horrible humongous hippo! Why do we use so many H’s? When many words together start with the same letter, this is called alliteration. Alliteration is often used in poetry. It sounds nice when you read it aloud. Can you write a sentence using alliteration?

hippo story

Many of our customised stories use alliteration. In Sleepover Adventure, the friends’ activities start with the first letter of each friend’s name. For example, the Hide story with the “humongous hippopotamus” would be for a friend named Henry, Harriet, etc.

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