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Welcome! We’re glad you’ve found our blog. […]

Pop-up Tent Craft Tutorial

Here’s an idea for how to decorate your campout scene. Download the tent template here and follow the instructions.

More Ideas for a Fun Camping Scene: Pretend Play

Do you have Mum! Dad!! Where are You? Here’s another fun idea you can use with your Let’s Explore booklet.

Introduction to Sleepover Adventure Parent Guides

Every Sleepover Adventure Book comes with a Parent Guide with a few tips, discussion questions and activities to go with the story.

5 Places Around Malaysia to Enjoy Nature as a Family

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Celebrate the Lantern Festival (十五冥)!

The 15th day of the lunar year is the Lantern Festival! This year, it is on 8 February 2020.

Host a Sleepover Adventure party!

The Parent Guide at the back of your child’s book has a few ideas for how to share the story with your child and friends.

Sleepover Adventure: Designed to help preschoolers learn

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Making Family Christmas Traditions

Creating a family Christmas tradition is a great way to make memories together and give your child something to treasure and pass on to future generations.

Have a Family Campout or Picnic

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5 Fun Nature-themed Books for Kids

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Easy Flowers to Grow in Malaysia

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Sharing Our Book at CNY Events

We were excited to share our book and give out free ang pao at two Chinese New Year events this past weekend!

Learn New Words From Wizard Within’s Grammar Witch

What is “humongous”?  It means very, very BIG! It’s not a formal word, but it’s a fun word to use in everyday language.

Customised, Customisation, Customise? What do they Mean?

Do we sell customised or customized books? What is customisation/customization? Read on to find out how to use a word in its adjective, verb, and noun forms!

Chinese New Year Fun in Kuala Lumpur

Chinese New Year is almost here!

Lesson from the Grammar Witch: Using Plurals

What are plurals? When do we need to use the plural form of a word? Learn from the Grammar Witch!

Our books

Sleepover Adventure

Sleepover Adventure

Take your child on a magical adventure with two friends or siblings!

Dad Mum! Where Are You

Mum Dad! Where Are You?

Where have Mum and Dad gone? A fun family adventure story!

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